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Today's network infrastructure is vital component of any organization. The network infrastructure is providing powerful communications and productivity essential to organizational success. Therefore any business oriented organization to deploy scaleable networks that support voice, video, data and storage in a single, end-to-end intelligent network.

Enterprise, small/medium business organizations each have unique requirements for scaleable Routing, Ethernet cabling (Fiber & UTP), Switching, Voice, video, Wireless and other IT related end-to-end solutions. Whether the network is for business, education, government, service provider or large-scale Ethernet deployments, Net-21 offers the industry's most comprehensive and scaleable solutions. These solutions leverage a comprehensive technology foundation to provide an increasing range of density, performance and intelligent services that are able to meet the most demanding environments where reliability, availability and value are essentials.

Net-21 is a group of highly qualified professional in network engineering support and offering total networking solutions. These networking solutions deliver the highest level of availability; quality of service, and security for your specific network needs to realize business return on investment through high performance networking.

  • Network Project (Security, WAN, VPN, DSL, LAN, Protocols) Based Services
  • Customize IT Based Services
  • LAN & WAN Design Services
  • WAN Routing Protocols & Switching Support Services
  • Wireless Solution Services
  • Network Encryption Solution & Services
  • Network Monitoring & Quality of Service Solution
  • Network Security Solution & Services
  • ISP Setup & Support Services
  • Network Engineering & Operations Support Services
  • Network Application Support Services
  • Personal Computing
  • Network Maintenance Services
  • On Demand Network Services
  • Network Cable Laying & Design Services
  • Network System Management Services