:: About Us ::

Net-21 (Pvt) Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on 28th February 1998 under the Companies Ordinance as a Private Limited Company to provide host of services in the field of Information Technology.

As an initial step towards its goals, Net-21 started its operations in 1999 by establishing an ISP in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Net-21 Private Limited is a subsidiary of Hashoo Group of Companies. Year 2001 is a milestone in the history of Net-21 Private Limited, In 2001 Net-21 renovated its infrastructure and moved towards its objectives in a more professional and progressive approach under the kind and aggressive management and guidance of Chief Technical and Scientific Advisor. At this time Net-21 started establishing itself as a turnkey solution providing company in the field of IT, Telecommunication and Software. In a short period of one year Net-21 has done a really inspiring job in achieving its goals and build a good client list and completed many projects and many other large projects are under completion and designing phase.

After shifting its operations to its Corporate Headquarters, the customer base of Net 21 has rapidly increased and it is expected to continually grow as new state-of-the art equipment is inducted into the Company. The overall goal of Net 21 is to provide best possible services to its Valued customers with maximum efficiency and throughput and affordable prices. The hand-in-hand developments in the Internet System with other areas of Information Technology in Net 21 will produce synergy in the Company for the ultimate benefit of its clients. Net 21 is gathering the best and experienced brains that are available in the field in the country. They have excellent support from our overseas partners who are sitting in the countries, which represent the best in terms of Information Technology developments.

  • Area of Business
  • Net-21 is providing services, support and consultancies in following areas of Information Technology and Telecommunication.
  • Networks and data communication
  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Database Development and Management
  • Web Design, development and hosting
  • Corporate E-mail Services
  • Dialup Internet Services
  • Corporate Internet Services
  • Electronic Entry Systems
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Hardware Solutions

Net-21 has collaboration and agreements with different International organizations and Net-21 is acting as their authorized partner/reseller/distributor for whole Pakistan. These organizations include Hewlett Packard and Compaq for hardware products, and TESA Systems for Electronic Entry solutions.